Blankets for every season, blankets made out of old t-shirts, blankets for sport events or that special person.

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Through email: or Facebook: or by phone: 307-299-6158. 

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Check out our pictures of products we have already created. 

About Us

Scrapbooks Etc., LLC will supply its customers with more than a just a book to store your photographs, a blanket to cover up with, or a simple cross stitching. We are a business who wants your friends and family members to admire the scrapbooks of your memories, and the blankets with which you can decorate, and wall hanging that are personal to who you are!

Our mission is to listen to our client's specific needs and deliver high performance products through personalization of every product we produce.  

Scrapbooks Etc., LLC

Scrapbooks for vacation, baby books, wedding memories, or even family reunions! You name it and we can put your memories together elegantly and tailored to your personal wants.

Pillows with a personalized picture or saying, blankets that have unique pictures on them, and Christmas ornaments with a year and date on it for those special people.

Scrapbooks Etc., LLC will be expanding in the future into quilts, crocheting, knitting, minor repairs to clothing, and so much more! Come back and visit often to see what we have added.

We've got the products!


At Scrapbooks Etc., LLC, we know your busy and we're here to help! Have a box of pictures you always wanted to display in a scrapbook, bring us the pictures and we will create the memory book for you. Have material you always meant to turn into a tie blanket for a loved one, bring us the material and we will create the blanket for you. Do you want a wall hanging or Christmas ornament or pillow with a personal saying, we will cross stitch the saying or picture into what it is you want! Scrapbooks Etc., LLC  also is expanding slowly into home made quilts, card making, and other crafts that can be personalized for your needs.

Because they are your memories, gifts, and so forth, we offer the best quality available, Scrapbooks Etc., LLC is committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships with our customers, and build a foundation of excellence and trust. We want to make sure your products are the best! 


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We take a cross stitch pattern, either one that is stamped or not, cross the pattern, then create it into what it is you desire. We can make wall hanging with the birth date of your child, your wedding anniversary or a favorite verse you wish to display! We also can create a throw pillow out of your favorite saying or date you wish displayed.

We enjoy a challenge so if you have an idea of what it is you want and its not listed above bring us the idea! We will try our best to accommodate you!


Prices vary on time, cross stitch chosen, and the product to be produced.

Cross Stitching

We create lasting blankets for you and your loved ones! We can order the fabric you wish to have it made of or you can bring in the fabric you have already picked up!

Prices for the blankets will be determined on time, fabric size, and if the fabric will be brought to us or order through us!


We will give you a time frame in order to pick it up and pay for the item!


Tie Blankets

We can take the photos you have gathered in a box and those little mementos from vacations, births, weddings, family reunions, and so many other pictures to create the perfect scrapbook for you. Bring in any materials you have already purchased or want included in the scrapbook and we will incorporate them into the theme you want.

Choose the paper type and any special stickers you want and we will put together lasting memories.

Prices vary on amount of pictures, time, and materials chosen by the customer.


We hope to expand soon into minor repairs of clothing and blankets. We also hope to offer quilts, personalized cards, crocheted blankets and clothing, knitted items, wreaths for all holidays and so many more products made just for you! Have a craft or an idea you want done and its not listed above, please give us a call or contact us and we will try to accommodate you as best as we can!

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